A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello it’s me again! This week instead of another post about Epcot (because I’m sure you are all tired of me talking about Food and Wine Festival) I have decided to share a few of my favorite products with you all. These are items that make being a college student just a little bit easier for me, and hopefully can help you too!

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 4.37.11 PM.png

People always tell you that a planner can save your life if you have a busy schedule, and they aren’t lying. I started using a weekly planner about a year ago and had to scribble in the margins to find enough room to write down everything I needed to. I heard about the Simplified Planner because my third grade teacher’s daughter is the one and only Emily Ley. I thought about getting one for a while, but they sell out so quickly that I wasn’t able to get one until last year for Christmas. When I finally got my hands on my new planner I thought I was going to cry. To start, the packaging on these bad boys is KILLER and makes you feel very fancy and put together. Then you open the planner and see the FULL PAGES FOR EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!! There is one column for your daily schedule, one column for your to do list, and spaces for you to plan your dinner and make random notes. This planner is a game changer and you should all go out and get one asap.


Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 4.40.48 PM.png

Okay so everyone who knows me knows i love my Chacos. People like to make fun of me for having “Jesus sandals” or for “wearing hiking shoes in Florida” but honestly they can make fun of me for the rest of forever and I won’t have a care in the world because I’ll have nice, supported feet. As someone who danced for 15 years of her life, I have very high arches that need lots of support for me to not want to chop my feet off. The Luv Seat (their name for their sole) of the Chacos is everything.My arches never hurt, my heels never hurt, and I get a killer zig zag tan line across the top of my feet. They rock.

Basin Bath Bombs


There’s nothing like a good bubble bath with a glass of wine and an episode of Friends to help relive some stress after a long day of class and work. And there’e nothing like a bubble bath without a nice fizzy bath bomb. While I love LUSH’s bath bombs, those things are hella pricey for someone with my budget. At Basin in Disney Springs I can get three bath bombs for the price of one LUSH bath bomb- and that’s the kind of math I like. The bath bombs at Basin are still made from natural products like LUSH’s are, and smell just as delicious so you aren’t really losing any value. And as an added bonus, some of the bath bombs have Mickey shaped confetti that gets released in the water too!


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