Why Gamma Phi

If you would have asked me four years ago if I thought I would be in a sorority you would have heard a big ole “hell to the no.” High school Brady thought sororities were only about themed parties and sparkly glitter, and boy am I glad she was wrong. During my first semester in college I met maybe three new people, I hung out with my same four friends who I came to UCF with, and I binged more Netflix shows than I could count. After many nights locked up in my dorm with just Meredith and Derrick to keep me company, I decided I might need to extend my social network a bit. I tried hanging out with my roommates and going to a bible study, but it was a coffee date with an old friend from home that completely changed my college experience for the better. This friend told me all about this new sorority on campus that she helped charter and the legacy she was going to help create through it, and it got my attention. A few days later and I received a bid from this very same chapter. Gamma Phi Beta is an organization like no other. The women I have met through it encourage me to be a stronger woman each and every day. Now, high school Brady was right in the fact that sororities have themed parties and sparkly glitter (both which I now adore, ugh), but Gamma Phi Beta has offered me so much more. Built on the values of love, labor, learning and loyalty, this sorority has allowed me to work with women who share my passion for instilling confidence in the girls we volunteer with, with Girls on the Run. They hold me accountable to maintaining a top GPA and to always strive for more. They are true and constant friends who I know will encourage me to always be the highest type of womanhood.


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