Go Hockey

This weekend Gamma Phi Beta had our first ever Father-Daughter weekend. Ricky, being the great step-dad that he his, drove the long seven hours through boring Florida interstates to see me for just one short day for the event. The plan was to spend all day Saturday in Epcot, and then head down to the Amway center to watch the Orlando Solar Bears take on the Florida Everblades in the fist hockey game of the season.

The day was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Orlando had its first cool-ish day of fall with the high less than 80 degrees, which literally never happens. Epcot was crowded, but we didn’t even mind because of how nice the weather was. After a few hours eating and drinking our way around the world, we went home to rest up for the game.

Now, the last time I went to a hockey game, I was cheering on my cousin’s high school team, and the only thing I remember is lots of teenage boys tripping over each other on the ice. So you could say I’m a hockey expert. Ricky had just about as much knowledge as me going into the game too, but we were both excited just the same. The arena was about 20 degrees when we got there, which led to very little concentration from me on the game, and lots of concentration on not getting hypothermia. But after two beers, I was feeling good again and ready to cheer on the bears. Unfortunately the Bears aren’t very talented, but I had fun yelling “go hockey” and “do better” to them all the same. Ricky and I eventually started picking up on some of the rules of the game, and he told me to shout “go bears” instead of “do better,” and I started feeling like a true sports fan.  I quickly found out that sports are stressful and I do not handle a 3-2 scoreboard with less than a minute on the clock very well.

A huge thanks to Gamma Phi for inviting all of our fathers to see the organization we all hold so close to our hearts. Ricky loved every minute of being a G Phi dad and wearing our letters almost as much as I did.


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