New major- new me

All throughout middle school and high school I was always the girl who was good at math. I picked up the concepts faster than most of my friends, and it was the one subject in school that was challenging enough to keep me interested.

All throughout middle school and high school I was also always on the stage. I did theatre, I danced, I played instruments. Creativity was an important part of my life. But since I was only ever average at all of these activities, I didn’t even consider them when making my college plans.

I knew for years I had to be an engineering major in college. If I didn’t I would be letting down my teachers and friends for not “working to my highest potential.” So much pressure is put on students to choose a major where they will be the “most successful.” I believed that this meant majoring in something that I knew I would be good at (and that would make me a lot of money).

For two years I worked my butt off in engineering. I passed all of my classes and maintained my high GPA. The further I got into my major though, the more unhappy I was. Nothing sparked a passion in me. I noticed that most of my friends were falling more and more in love with their major with every class they took, and I was falling out.

After withdrawing from a class about the internal stresses of beams (that made me fall asleep just reading the syllabus), I did some soul searching, got over my fear of letting people down and thinking I was a failure, and realized what was missing in my education- creativity.

After reading the course catalog for just about every major UCF offers, I finally decided to major in advertising and public relations. This was a big step for me because so much of this major is about writing, and that is the one skill I am most self conscious about. It has been about a year and a half since I decided to do a 180 in my college career, and I haven’t regretted it once.  Turns out, people that aren’t FCAT graders or my AP English Language teacher actually like my writing. My classes now challenge me in ways that my engineering classes never did. I am finding creative solutions to problems and not just following a formula. I am speaking up in class and asking questions and giving my opinions rather than locking myself in my room until I figure out a problem on my own. Each class I take gives me so much hope for my future. No matter where I end up in my field, I know I will be surrounded by individuals who share my compassion for creativity and who will challenge me to grow in my work and as a person.


More Favorite Things

Back at it again with some of my favorite products. Today I want to share some of my favorite items in my apartment.

1. Anthropology volcano candle

This scent has been one of my favorites for years. It’s hard to describe because it’s not sweet smelling or fruity smelling, and the closest I can get to describing it is a blend of hip successful women and lemon zest. If you’ve ever been in an Anthropology you know what I am talking about. Every time I light mine I feel like I can conquer the world. Also, because this candle is from Anthro, its presentation is beautiful. There are pretty gold candles with marble lids, molten silver candles and white opal candles. I feel fancy just looking at them.

2. Roku

It’s 2016 and cable is out. My Roku stick plugs right into my tv and connects to my wifi so I can stream Netflix, Hulu and the rest. With a cable login from my grandpa (because he’s the only one who still pays for a full cable package in my family) I am also able to log into every other major cable app on the Roku. We’re talking HBO, ESPN and Lifetime (ya girl loves Project Runway) for only the cost of buying my Roku. This is a college girl’s dream.

3. RASKOG Ikea bar cart

We’ve all seen those hip bar carts on Pinterest, and when I moved into my new apartment I knew I had to have one. I honestly didn’t think it would be that practical, I just thought it was cute, but boy was I wrong. It is so great to have one consolidated place to put all of my alcohol related items. No more bottles on top of the fridge. No more bottle openers in the drawer. No more wine glasses cluttering my cabinets. Life is good with a pretty bar cart, y’all.


Go Hockey

This weekend Gamma Phi Beta had our first ever Father-Daughter weekend. Ricky, being the great step-dad that he his, drove the long seven hours through boring Florida interstates to see me for just one short day for the event. The plan was to spend all day Saturday in Epcot, and then head down to the Amway center to watch the Orlando Solar Bears take on the Florida Everblades in the fist hockey game of the season.

The day was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Orlando had its first cool-ish day of fall with the high less than 80 degrees, which literally never happens. Epcot was crowded, but we didn’t even mind because of how nice the weather was. After a few hours eating and drinking our way around the world, we went home to rest up for the game.

Now, the last time I went to a hockey game, I was cheering on my cousin’s high school team, and the only thing I remember is lots of teenage boys tripping over each other on the ice. So you could say I’m a hockey expert. Ricky had just about as much knowledge as me going into the game too, but we were both excited just the same. The arena was about 20 degrees when we got there, which led to very little concentration from me on the game, and lots of concentration on not getting hypothermia. But after two beers, I was feeling good again and ready to cheer on the bears. Unfortunately the Bears aren’t very talented, but I had fun yelling “go hockey” and “do better” to them all the same. Ricky and I eventually started picking up on some of the rules of the game, and he told me to shout “go bears” instead of “do better,” and I started feeling like a true sports fan.  I quickly found out that sports are stressful and I do not handle a 3-2 scoreboard with less than a minute on the clock very well.

A huge thanks to Gamma Phi for inviting all of our fathers to see the organization we all hold so close to our hearts. Ricky loved every minute of being a G Phi dad and wearing our letters almost as much as I did.

Why Gamma Phi

If you would have asked me four years ago if I thought I would be in a sorority you would have heard a big ole “hell to the no.” High school Brady thought sororities were only about themed parties and sparkly glitter, and boy am I glad she was wrong. During my first semester in college I met maybe three new people, I hung out with my same four friends who I came to UCF with, and I binged more Netflix shows than I could count. After many nights locked up in my dorm with just Meredith and Derrick to keep me company, I decided I might need to extend my social network a bit. I tried hanging out with my roommates and going to a bible study, but it was a coffee date with an old friend from home that completely changed my college experience for the better. This friend told me all about this new sorority on campus that she helped charter and the legacy she was going to help create through it, and it got my attention. A few days later and I received a bid from this very same chapter. Gamma Phi Beta is an organization like no other. The women I have met through it encourage me to be a stronger woman each and every day. Now, high school Brady was right in the fact that sororities have themed parties and sparkly glitter (both which I now adore, ugh), but Gamma Phi Beta has offered me so much more. Built on the values of love, labor, learning and loyalty, this sorority has allowed me to work with women who share my passion for instilling confidence in the girls we volunteer with, with Girls on the Run. They hold me accountable to maintaining a top GPA and to always strive for more. They are true and constant friends who I know will encourage me to always be the highest type of womanhood.

Come on Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation

Sometimes I hear people, even some women, say “I don’t think I’m a feminist” and it takes everything in me not to take them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them. I think that recently we have seen media strew the word “feminist” into meaning “man hater” which is just not true. Feminism is simply wanting equal opportunities and treatment for women and men. You might be thinking “well shouldn’t you call yourself an ‘egalitarian’ or something, then?” Well to actually obtain equality, we need to be increasing the opportunities for women, not just finding a happy medium between the gap that already exists. This makes it feminism.

Many of the arguments I hear against feminism include the idea that they don’t personally see women being treated as less than men. Now, I am THRILLED that you and/or the women in your life are getting the treatment they deserve as humans, but that does not mean that women elsewhere are not suffering. Last April the White House released a document about the Gender Pay Gap that explained that the average woman working a full time job received 78% as much compensation as her male counterpart. For those of you who don’t like to think in terms of percentages, women earn $0.78 for every $1.00 a man makes. That statistic alone should make you want to be a feminist. But that statistic is just for the US. In other countries women are facing much, much worse conditions, and feminism is for them too. Women need to support other women. Men need to support other women (#HeForShe am I right??).

Another argument I hear from women who think they aren’t feminists is that the feminist movement doesn’t support their choice to start a family and stay home with them. Wrong again! As long as you are choosing this for yourself, and no one is forcing it onto you, that’s perfectly okay- encouraged even (go you!). The issue here arrises when your husband, your community or your peers tell you that your only value as a woman is to push out babies. News flash, you’re worth so much more than just your uterus. You have value in your thoughts, your opinions, your humor, your smile, your intelligence and your work. Why women’s values seem to be less than men’s will never make sense, and that’s why we need feminism.

Now here’s a video of some of my fave celebs rapping about gender equality, enjoy!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello it’s me again! This week instead of another post about Epcot (because I’m sure you are all tired of me talking about Food and Wine Festival) I have decided to share a few of my favorite products with you all. These are items that make being a college student just a little bit easier for me, and hopefully can help you too!

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 4.37.11 PM.png

People always tell you that a planner can save your life if you have a busy schedule, and they aren’t lying. I started using a weekly planner about a year ago and had to scribble in the margins to find enough room to write down everything I needed to. I heard about the Simplified Planner because my third grade teacher’s daughter is the one and only Emily Ley. I thought about getting one for a while, but they sell out so quickly that I wasn’t able to get one until last year for Christmas. When I finally got my hands on my new planner I thought I was going to cry. To start, the packaging on these bad boys is KILLER and makes you feel very fancy and put together. Then you open the planner and see the FULL PAGES FOR EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!! There is one column for your daily schedule, one column for your to do list, and spaces for you to plan your dinner and make random notes. This planner is a game changer and you should all go out and get one asap.


Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 4.40.48 PM.png

Okay so everyone who knows me knows i love my Chacos. People like to make fun of me for having “Jesus sandals” or for “wearing hiking shoes in Florida” but honestly they can make fun of me for the rest of forever and I won’t have a care in the world because I’ll have nice, supported feet. As someone who danced for 15 years of her life, I have very high arches that need lots of support for me to not want to chop my feet off. The Luv Seat (their name for their sole) of the Chacos is everything.My arches never hurt, my heels never hurt, and I get a killer zig zag tan line across the top of my feet. They rock.

Basin Bath Bombs


There’s nothing like a good bubble bath with a glass of wine and an episode of Friends to help relive some stress after a long day of class and work. And there’e nothing like a bubble bath without a nice fizzy bath bomb. While I love LUSH’s bath bombs, those things are hella pricey for someone with my budget. At Basin in Disney Springs I can get three bath bombs for the price of one LUSH bath bomb- and that’s the kind of math I like. The bath bombs at Basin are still made from natural products like LUSH’s are, and smell just as delicious so you aren’t really losing any value. And as an added bonus, some of the bath bombs have Mickey shaped confetti that gets released in the water too!

Gotta Get It

Well folks, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is open and crowded as ever. But just for you, I braved the heat, almost passed out, rallied, and tried my fair share of snacks and drinks so I could tell you what not to miss on your next trip!

Here’s what I found:

Twining’s Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte With Vanilla Vodka (Ireland)– Holy moly was this delicious. I already had high hopes for this drink because I love me some chai tea, and I was definitely not disappointed. This tasted like boozy fall in a cup. It was creamy, cold, and not too strong (even my step-dad liked it and he doesn’t like any alcohol). FWF has started serving all kiosk drinks in smaller cups this year, which is great for this particular drink because it was sweet enough that you couldn’t have more than a few sips anyway. Overall, I highly recommend paying the $10 for the five sips you’ll get of this drink because I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Grilled Beef Skewer with Romaine, Apricots and Feta Cheese (The CHEW Collective)– I will eat anything with feta cheese in it, so when I saw this on the menu I knew I had to have it. This was a pretty good value for what you pay for it because you get about three decently large chunks of beef with a nice small salad under it as well. The meat was decently coked and seasoned, but with the feta and apricot it was perfect. This is also a great dish to fill up with and not feel guilty about it later!

Loaded Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Farm Fresh)– While I didn’t try this dish myself (not a bacon fan, sue me), my boyfriend said it was one of his favorite dishes of the day. The bite that I did try (sans bacon) was delicious and creamy and flavored nicely with peppers and green onions. This was a festival favorite last year, so it was no surprise that it was a hit this year as well.

Two Henrys Elderberry Hard Cider (Florida Fresh)– OK, so I am generally not a cider fan, but after reading positive reviews about this one, I decided to try it. It was surprisingly not too sweet and extremely refreshing and cold, which is all I can ask for on a hot Florida day.

Kronenbourg Blanc 1664 Pale Lager (France)– This was the one drink my mom and I refused to share because we loved it so much. This beer is everything. It’s light and fruity and not too sweet and not too bitter. Honestly I could just stay in France and drink this and passion fruit martini slushes all day and be perfectly happy.

You should also check out the Artisan Cheese and Wine Plate (Wine & Dine Studio), the Orlando Brewing Orlando Weiss (Craft Beers), the Spanakopita (Greece), and of course the Passion Fruit Martini Slush (France) because they are also pretty damn delicious.

So everyone grab your passport and head to the World Showcase soon! The festival will end before you know it and I promise you won’t want to miss it.



Every Person Comes Out Tipsy

Well it’s everyone’s favorite time of year again, and I’m not talking about football season. It’s time for EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival!! Nothing gets me more pumped than making my way through the World Showcase on a cool fall day with a fruity pink drink in my hand. But it can seem to be a little overwhelming for those Food and Wine newcomers. So I’m here to give you my best tips on how to make the most of your trip around the world!

1. Budget. Budget. Budget. Please budget. 

Theme parks are expensive. Alcohol is expensive. Fancy food is expensive. So fancy drinks in a theme park are super extra hella expensive. Drinks in the World Showcase can range anywhere from $8 for a beer, to $15 for a nice margarita. Now, on their own that might not seem like much. But combine your drink with a $5 snack and things start to add up. Not to mention that EPCOT is home to 11 permanent pavilions, and 30 special festival booth, each with a new and delicious treat that you won’t be able to resist. Your trip around the world is going to be expensive, but as long as you planned to spend those few extra dollars this weekend, it will be so worth it.

2. Pregame (with some high quality H2O).

Florida is always going to be hot, even in the middle of fall. Because of this you’ll probably have a nice Florida glow (aka a layer of sweat) on you all day. Between this and some alcohol consumption, you are bound to get a little dehydrated. And once you have put back a few beers in Germany, there’s no telling whether or not you remember to buy a bottle of water at the next pavilion. I have found that if you drink enough water the day before, and drink a bottle of water on the way into the park, you are going to feel so much better throughout your trip. (You should also really try to remember to drink some after every few drinks though, because dehydration is the wOOo0OorStt.) A cast member once told me that EPCOT stood for Every Person Comes Out Tipsy, so make sure you come out tipsy and not sick!

3. Plan your little butt off. 

I am a planner, always have been, always will be. Because of this, I start planning my Food and Wine trip as soon as the official menus come out. You can find this year’s menu here. I would suggest printing it and highlighting everything you definitely want to get to during your trip. Then check out the map when you get the park of where all of this year’s booths are located so you don’t miss anything important!



Hope you take all of these tips into consideration when planning your next trip to EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival. Come back soon, because I’ll be sharing all of my favorite drinks from EPCOT trips past!


Empire State Of Mind

One night my best friends and I had a few glasses of wine and planned a spring break trip to New york. Now, this wasn’t our fist tipsy vacation we planned, but it was the first that made it past wine night, and I’m so glad it did. I love theatre and the arts, and all of my favorite TV shows are based in the city, so theres always been a part of me that missed New York, even though I only went once in third grade and I didn’t remember a thing about it. Because of this, I knew I needed to make the most of my four days in the greatest city in the world, because I knew I would never be satisfied until I did everything on my bucket list. So I scoured the depths of Pinterest, made a Google map/itinerary, and now I’m sharing it with you! Honestly though I just miss it and want to relive the best four days ever, but maybe you’ll enjoy it too?

Day 0- Welcome to New York

After multiple midterms and projects, we could not have made the drive to the airport any faster on Thursday (within the speed limit of course). We landed at JFK airport at 8:00, and almost turned into icicles while we waited for a taxi. On our way into Manhattan we were greeted by a massive Hamilton mural and I knew I never wanted to leave.

Our first stop was our airbnb to put our bags down before we made our way back out into the cold to get some dinner. We stayed on 31st and Broadway in the heart of Korea Town. It was a cozy one bedroom apartment with exposed brick and hardwood floors (my favorites!) that they managed to squeeze three beds into. It was a bit tight, but with rates reasonable enough for college students to afford, it was definitely with it. We were right next to the Empire State building, within walking distance to times square, and just a few blocks away from the subway. Here’s the link if you are ever in the city and need a place to stay!

Day 1- The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

We had heard rumors that it might snow our first night, but we didn’t think it would stick or last into the morning. But SURPRISE! It was snowing when we woke up and kept snowing until early afternoon. This Florida girl was pumped. On top of the good news of snow, there was more good news because Tara got an earlier flight and got almost a full extra day with us!

I knew I wanted bagels for my first NYC breakfast, so I looked up places that we would pass on our way to Times Square, and found a place that was literally just called “Best Bagels.” I was a little skeptical, but it had almost 5 stars on its reviews on Google, so we gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, because I wanted to be able to compare it to the bagels I normally eat to see what all the hype was about NY bagels. The hype is real. I don’t know what it is, but that was a real nice bagel.

With bagels in hand, we headed towards Times Square. Or we tried to at least. We got lost almost every time we went somewhere new on our first day. Eventually we made it and were immediately approached by many sub-par Disney characters who wanted us to pay to take pictures with them and people trying to get us to take their bus tours. While the lights and buildings were fun and all, we were ready to move on. So we snapped a few pictures and made our way to the Richard Rogers theatre. This is where Hamilton lives, so obviously I needed to go since I knew I could’t be in the room where it happens. Being on the sidewalk where #Ham4Ham happens was great but I’ll never be satisfied until I win the lotto one day, fingers crossed.

From there we went to Grand Central Station and made our first attempt at navigating the subway. We were not successful. We ended up in Queens at one point and had to switch trains because we were trying to go to the Met and that’s definitely not in Queens. Eventually we made it to the right subway stop, crossed through Central Park and arrived at the Met. Student tickets were only a suggested donation of $10 and we were in. Holy smokes the Met is massive. We were there for a few hours and only made it through about half of the museum. My favorite wing was the modern and contemporary wing. Tara cried when she saw a tribute to one of her favorite artists so you could say it was a good trip (also this is a recurring thing, Tara really loves art). Here’s a few of my favorite pieces!

From there, Austin and I headed out on date night while Tara went to get dinner with her sister. Our first stop was dinner at Remi. We felt a little out of place here since we were easily the youngest people there by 10 years, but the food was good so all was well! I started with a glass of white wine and we snacked on some complimentary bread and olive oil (my fave). For dinner I had ricotta and spinach filled ravioli and Austin had some kind of pasta that we had to Google because we didn’t know what it was. Both were delicious! Obviously, we ordered desert because why not. We had a fresh chocolate lava cake with vanilla gelato- super yummy.

For date night, I ordered tickets to Fiddler on the Roof, and I was pumped. One of my all time favorite So You Think You Can Dance winners is currently cast as Chava so I couldn’t say no. I ordered our tickets through the TodayTix app. Tickets are released a week at a time and are very, very discounted. All I had to do was pick the show, day, and seat I wanted on the app, pay for the tickets and wait for the show. Once we got to the theatre I found a man in a TodayTix jacket and he handed me my tickets and we found our seats- so no waiting in line at the box office! The show itself was fantastic. I love a good dance break, and the wedding scene exceeded all of my expectations. We may have been in the nosebleeds, but I’ll take any seat they’ll give me in a broadway theatre so I was so, so happy.

Day 2- Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Me In

We started our morning with bagels again, but this time we knew exactly where we wanted to get them from. You may have seen those crazy rainbow bagels all over Insta and Pinterest, and that was the plan for today. The Bagel Store was about 10 ft x 12 ft and had about 30 people squeezed in it, so we knew it had to be good. After reading the menu, I decided that I could have eaten there every day for two weeks and still not have tried everything I wanted to. I ordered the garlic bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese and I still dream about it today. But the real star here was the rainbow bagel with CANNOLI CREAM CHEESE. I could have eaten that cream cheese with a spoon and been more than happy.

Next up was Tara’s pick- the Brooklyn Museum to see her favorite piece of art ever. There were a few cool pieces here, including real life mummies (which made Brit cry), The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago (which made Tara cry), and an Andy Warhol (which made no one cry, but was pretty sweet).

From there, we headed towards the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful, but the view from the bridge might be the real winner here. Not only was the Manhattan skyline killer from here, but we also caught a sneak peak of Lady Liberty herself! Tara was a bit of a bad influence here and convinced me to sit on the ledge to take a picture, but it was worth it. Also, pro tip, don’t walk in the bike lane or you’ll be yelled at and/or almost run into head on by an impatient New Yorker and that’s a real bummer.

For dinner we met up with one of our sorority sisters. Betsy is currently the Collegiate Leadership Consultant for the new Gamma Phi chapter at Columbia, so we figured she should make our dinner decisions since she’s a local now (also the rest of us are honestly the worst at picking out restaurants). We ended up at a place called Vanessa’s Dumplings in China Town. This place was great because I got four of the best pork pot stickers I’ve ever had for a dollar. If you’re trying to save money in New York, this should definitely be on your list!

Day 3- Their Milkshakes Bring All the Millennials to the Yard

It was Sunday, so the first thing on my to do list today was brunch, obviously. We went to a place called Harry’s Italian in the financial district. I found this place on a Buzzfeed article called “17 Affordable All-You-Can-Drink Brunches in NYC” so I knew it would be a good fit. For $25 (after tax) we each got an entrée and two hours worth of unlimited mimosas. The waiters here are also very good at making sure your glass was never empty, so it was definitely a good value for our money. The food wasn’t bad either, and came in nice sized portions which is all you really need with your bottomless mimosas.

After brunch (and a post brunch cat nap), we headed to Chelsea Market. This place made me feel really hip, which I’m not, so that was cool. Also the first store in the market is Anthropology and I really think I deserve a prize for not buying anything while I was there. Chelsea Market has an exit near one of the staircases onto the High Line. The High Line is an old raised railroad track that has recently been renovated into a park and walking/running path. There were a couple really nice views and sitting spots along here which was great to take a break at while we figured out what comes next.

The trail ended just a few blocks away from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, where we had tickets to ASSSSCAT 3000 that night, which was very convenient since there was little chance we would get lost. Also convenient, was the World of Beer right across the street from the theatre, where we hung out and grabbed a snack before the show. The show itself was pretty funny. UCB is where people like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler got their start, so I had pretty high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. The whole premise of ASSSSCAT 3000 (their most popular improv show) is one story teller who talks about something that happened in their life based on key words suggested by the audience, and then the rest of the troupe reenacts the stories. The actors are all very talented, which would explain why tickets sell out so fast, also the fact that tickets are only $10 might factor into that as well.


Next on our list was Black Tap– you know that place with the crazy milkshakes you see everywhere? Well it turns out they sell more than just milkshakes. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes (at 10:00 at night might I add) we were pretty hungry, so Austin ordered a burger and the rest of us ordered french fires and onion rings. All of the food was good, but we were all anxiously awaiting our milkshakes. They were a bit smaller than I anticipated, and pretty hard to Instagram because the restaurant was so dark, but they were still delicious!

Day 4- One Last Time

Today was bittersweet. It was my last full day in my favorite city, but we also went to some of my favorite places from the trip. My friend suggested/insisted that we had to go to Eataly while we were in the city, and she wasn’t wrong. The place itself was way more massive than I could have imagined with rows upon rows of yummy looking italian food and fresh veggies. But the real treat was the rooftop restaurant called Baita that Austin happened to find (that’s why I keep him around). To start, this restaurant was beautiful- nice views, nice weather, nice decor. The room was decorated with flannel blankets at each table, Christmas trees with antler decorations, and strings of lights on the ceiling which was right up my alley. They also had a killer playlist with Alt-J, the Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes, and what more can you ask for in a restaurant, really? Oh yeah- good food, which they had too. Tara and I started with some wine which was so so so good, I’m thinking about ordering a case of it to be honest. But wine isn’t an acceptable meal, so I ordered a cheese plate that had five different types and a honey dipping sauce with peanuts. It was everything I’ve ever wanted.  I also split a gnocchi dish with Tara that was delicious.

Up next we went to a really tall building per Austin’s request. We chose to go to the Top of the Rock over the Empire State building, and I think that was the best choice. Not only did we get a sweet view of the Empire State building, but we could also see Central Park and the surrounding Manhattan skyline. There was a 360 degree view of the city and no bars to block it. There are also three different levels you can view from, which is nice. Also, probably one of the best parts of choosing Top of the Rock was that you can buy timed tickets so you don’t have to wait in line, yay!

In my Pinterest search I found a bar that served “everything bagel” french fries so obviously we had to try them. George Keeley is on the upper west side, which was a pretty neat side of town to try to navigate (turns out getting lost in New York is actually fun).Not only did they have delicious french fries but they also had over 20 beers on draught that are constantly changing. This was such a great place to wrap up our trip and decompress before a full day of traveling.


Unfortunately, my friend Linz developed a severe case of bacterial pneumonia while we were in New York and has been in the hospital for the past 20 or so days. Fortunately her parents were able to drive up and stay with her, and while she is getting better every day, the bills are not. Because of this I ask that if you are able, please consider donating to her Go Fund Me to help her parents pay for all of these unforeseen costs.


(P.S. Sorry for all of the Hamilton quotes I hid in here, but I just couldn’t help myself.)